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Cast & Crew Premiere in Austin Sekrit Theatre

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

This short film “This Is Me” is a fictional drama that celebrates progress over perfection, dedicated to mental illness survivors and warriors. Produced by Dreampreneurs Film Productions and was fortunate to have a great cast and crew to bring this project to life. Cast & crew team premiered in Austin, Texas hosted by Austin Film Project on April 11, 2019 at the Sekrit Theatre, Austin Texas.

The film stars Austin actors Kaitlyn Newman, Alvin Buckley, Brian Bilica, Jessica Brynn Cohen, Michael Collier, Calli Jennings, Lillie Stuckey. With supporting actors Rick Case, Patrick Lescarbeau, Terance Flowers, Tyson Oliver Pines and Jason Reyes. Produced, directed and written by Lydia Isnanto. Doug Hanson is the associate producer and co-writer.

Special thanks for the amazing support from our sponsors : Austin Film Project, Gratsi Old Country Red Wine, i Fratelli Pizza Austin, Health Bomz. "This Is Me" Short Film on imdB

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